Martin Roznowski LLC is a team of highly disciplined artists & skilled craftsmen who’s main goal is to deliver exceptional results on time and on budget. We are considered one of the leaders in the creation of museum exhibits, natural history exhibits, high quality sculpting & interactive displays.  Our passion & commitment to what we do enables us to create museum quality exhibits with story & meaning.  From concept development to completion, Martin Roznowski LLC can be trusted with every part of your production process to turn your vision a reality.

“Aiming for perfection & affordable prices are the hallmarks of Martin Roznowski LLC”

Martin Roznowski  Specializes in:

  •  Generating ideas, idea development
  •  Project planning, creating and managing a budget, financial planning
  • Artifact Replication
  • Zoological Models/Animals
  • Sculpture – Indoor/Outdoor
  • Botanical Models – Plants
  • Topographical Models – Landscapes
  • Nature & Visitor Centers
  • Mural & Background Paintings
  • Exhibit Design & Graphic Design
  • Sketching & Drawing
  • Orignal Fine Art Services
  • Consultation